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Plovdiv airport car rental – Information about Plovdiv

Plovdiv Airport Car RentalWhen it comes to describe the qualities and the benefits of Bulgaria, all the words in the world are never enough. This is why it is highly recommendable to see it for yourself. It is a place with such beautiful nature that you may think you have found yourself in a fairy tale. Fruitful, green valleys, furrowed by crystal clear rivers and surrounded by mystic mountains are characteristic for the country. Situated at a crucial crossroads, Bulgaria has been both linking and separating East and West of the continent for thousands of years as well. It is a land, which is proven worthy to fight and die for, and has been given home to many civilizations, all equal in their might and prosperity – Thracians, Slavs, Romans, Byzantines, Bulgarians and Turks from the Ottoman Empire.

With so many different cultures, which have inhabited the country through the ages, it is quite certain, that Bulgaria would show pretty amazing folklore itself. The domestic people have gathered the best from all the previous nations and put it all together to form very original “trade mark” – Bulgarian Ethnos. Plovdiv Airport Car RentalWonderful historical monuments in a very good condition could be found in almost every town in the country – further prove for the mystic knowledge, which these lands posses. Bulgaria is also one of the first places in Eastern Europe, where Christianship takes roots. Among the deep forests of the gorgeous mountains are set large numbers of ancient monasteries and chapels – true symbols of the faith of the nation. These holy places have provided the people with home and protection through five centuries of Ottoman ruler ship.
Plovdiv, a culture center of the peninsula, set in the valley of river Maritza, embraced by the beauty of the mystic mountains Rhodopa and Stara Planina, which is also known as Balkan. It had been called with many different names through the years of its existence – Eumolpia, Philippopolis, Pulpudeva, Trimonzium and Filibe. Nowadays it is often called “the city of the seven hills” because of the interesting geodesic structures, over which the city was build. This nickname is not the only common thing between Plovdiv and the capitol of the Roman Empire – Rome. Plovdiv Airport Car RentalA Roman Amphitheater, which is built up by emperor Marcus Aurelius during the 2nd century, is situated in the center of the city. It is the best preserved amphitheater in our lands.
The Renaissance town of Old Plovdiv was built during the 19th century. Today it has survived as a unique architectural ensemble on the three hills. Its houses reveal the remarkable urban culture of Bulgarian builders, as well as their sense of harmony and their creative power. It is an autonomous area within the modern town with a municipality of its own. It is declared an architectural museum reserve with over 150 monuments of culture – houses from the National Revival period. Walking around Old Plovdiv, visitors enjoy the steep, cobbled streets and lanes with bow-windows and eaves above them. Facades are colored in harmonious combinations, with stylish patterns of white and blue. Windows have either wooden shuttles, or iron nets. Lovely gardens with plenty of green and flowers, fruit trees, old vines and figs, evergreen box shrubs and roses under the shadows of old trees are hidden behind solid walls and heavy gates. Fancily colored pots of gully flowers stand prominently behind windowpanes and upon sills.

Plovdiv Airport Car RentalPlovdiv International Fair, the largest fair in the Balkans – The Fairground is the largest exhibition site in the Balkan region. It is situated on area of 360,000 sq. m. The exhibition complex consists of 24 multifunctional pavilions best equipped for the arrangement and display of all kinds of exhibits. The exhibition area amounts to 95,000 sq. m., the indoor area is 60,000 sq. m. The modern Congress Centre of the International Fair Plovdiv comprises eight multifunctional halls with 20 to 550 seats. Another 11 halls in various pavilions are also available.

Places to see near Plovdiv:

  • Antonivanovtsi Dam – Vacha or Antonivanovtsi Dam, renamed by edict from 1999.
  • Assen`s Fortress – The Assen`s Fortress is a Medieval Bulgarian fortress, situated on a steep rocky hillside.
  • Bachkovo Monastery – some 10 km further up in the Rhodope Mountains from the town of Assenovgrad.
  • Bratsigovo – another Rhodope Mountains cradle of the 1876 April Uprising against the five-century-long Turkish opression.
  • Kouklen Monastery – The St.St.Kozma and Damian monastery of Kouklen was built in the 14th century.
  • Perushtitsa – small town in the region of Plovdiv, but its place in the Bulgarian history is very important.
  • Ravnogor – the green paradise in the Rhodope’s coast.
  • Town of Assenovgrad – situated in the western part of the Upper Thracian Valley.
  • Sveti Konstantin ski resort – situated 1400 m altitude, in the heart of the magnificent Rhodopes Mountain
  • Town of Batak – During the 1876 April Uprising, after a two-week battle against the Turkish army, 5000 people died and the town was burned to ashes.